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Software Download
  1. This download includes the full executable with supporting files.  It is not compatible with any release prior to November 2011.  Earlier versions of the software are no longer being supported. 

  2. The software download consists of a 16.1 MB Windows Installer file (MSI) packaged in a zipped package.  Download the zipped package and execute the Setup file inside.

  3. This software executes in a TRIAL mode only.  You will not be able to download or update Orbital Elements from the Internet until you receive the PASSKEY from this site.  Conditions for distribution of the passkey are currently being worked and will be announced later.

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Support Contact

E-Mail's should use plain text format only, no HTML or Rich Text allowed.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  Question Answer
1 The SCRAP Satellite tracker program work great on my Windows 98, but does not show the earth maps when I use the SCRAP program on my Windows ME system. Please tell me what other file I need to be able to use the SCRAP on my Windows ME. The graphics are heavy into OpenGL and it's extension GLUT. If you have a system with an OpenGL graphics accelerator card, it's possible OpenGL is not properly loaded. Try loading the latest updated graphics drivers from your video card vendor.
2 All the graphics look just fine except for the one marked "moon". It's dimensionally stetched so the moon looks like an ellipse insted of round. Otherwise they look fine. The 3-D representation of the moon is a recent addition. The egg-shaped moon is a product of OpenGL Work is still being done on the moon to not only round it out, but to rotate it so that the proper lat/lon is point towards Earth.
3 SCRAP Release 3.3 March 2006 Fixes 2006 Jan 10 Version 3.0
  1. Added initialization (.INI) file to set up comm ports, QTH, APRS initial TLE file and Earth display parameters (modify text size). SCRAP does not use the registry, so the user must maintain any changes in this file.
  2. Added TLE Editor and ability to modify paramaters during runtime and capture modification to text file.
  3. Added features to APRS display, improved capture algorithm and cooperative multi-tasking sharing with Windows.
  4. Added reset button to slider bars
  5. Improved algorithm for downloading TLE files
  6. Added capability to control 4 antennas, improved display features.
  7. Added menu bar to main window, gave capability to separate windows.
  8. Added Help Window, written in HTML
  9. Added conjunction window and ability to display on Earth globe
  10. Added RFI window display, useful during contacts
4 SCRAP Update 29 Nov 2011 Packaged the file in a windows installer package and provided a TRIAL mode period with limited functionality.  Improved APRS Internet downloading of data.  Tested product on Windows 7 and found fix for OpenGL freezing on the Earth display. 
5 SCRAP version 12.0.0

Early release in December 2011 for 2012

Made improvements to the Antenna property page, fixed a problem with non-display characters showing up in the RS-232 output.  Added to the 3-D Earth page the contact cone for all enabled satellite contacts.  Changed the COM port initialization so that is only opens up the port on RISE and shuts down the port on SET.  This allows a single COM port to be used for multiple contacts just so long as they don't overlap in time.  Also improved memory management for how ephemeris data is stored for each satellite and cleaned up after use. 
6 Compatibility fix for Windows 7 and VISTA On some Windows 7 installations the OpenGL 3-D Earth display would freeze up and stop updating.  This would happen randomly and only on some Windows 7 and VISTA computers.  The fix is to simply change the start ICON property for Compatibly and set to the current computer.  In the example (click on it to enlarge) set the "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7.



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