Alltronics Teletypewriter
Model - A
Receiving Converter

  1. The Alltronics “Mark-Space” Receiving Converter plugs into the phone jack of any radio receiver and converts mark and space Teletypewriter signals into pulses suitable for the operation of a polar relay. The polar relay makes and breaks the 110 v. d. c. supply to the selecting magnets within the Teletypewriter printer.
  2. The Mark-Space Receiving Converter has a built in 110 v. a. c. power supply, to supply the filament and plate voltages for its operation.
  3. A dual unit 6AF6 Tuning Eye is used for more accurate receiver tuning.
  4. A 6SLT amplifier increases the sensitivity of the tuning eye.
  5. Two potentiometers mounted on the panel control tuning eye adjustments.
  6. There are two octal sockets on the back of the chassis, one of which may be used to plug in an octal base midget polar relay. The other socket is for input from the associated radio receiver, and for connections to polar relays other than the type furnished by us.
  7. All resistors and capacitors, except the power supply filter capacitor which is the octal base plug-in type, are mounted on two terminal boards. These terminal boards are mounted vertically on opposite sides of the chassis base. Wiring to the terminal boards is colorcoded and cabled.
  8. Tube line-up: 6SL7 limiter, 6SL7 detector, 6SN7 current amplifier, 6AF6 (lual tuning eye, 6SL7 tuning eye amplifier, 5Y3GET rectifier, two NE-2 neon.
  9. Panel size 4x6 inches, depth of the cabinet 8 inches.
  10. Cabinet finish: Gray crackle.

NOTE: Do not try to order this product, it was marketed in December 1955!!!

Kit price with tubes $59.50. Wired and tested $89.50, F.O.B. Boston.

Polar relay 88.50.

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