These drawings are Teletype Corporation and Western Electric shop diagrams which were typically found in the basement of machines found in telco installations.

The model 28 was a machine designed to be adaptable to a large variety of installations, and had a number of wiring options.

Shop personnel would wire in the desired options, and cross out in crayon those options not installed. The drawings presented are such drawings. The information is there, just look beyond the cross-outs.

The format is Adobe .PDF, and each drawing has been scanned to permit
"Paper-Dolly" trimming and taping/pasting so that a complete drawing in
the original size can be constructed. There is a bit of duplication, but this was
done to make sure all of the most common combinations could be depicted.

NOTE: Be sure to use the SHRINK TO FIT printing option if your printer has it. Otherwise the print may be cropped on the right and left sides of the printed page and not have sufficient overlap for pasting.

Copyright George Hutchison, W7TTY & Bill Bytheway, K7TTY -- November 2011