Radio Teletype History

A collection of RTTY articles and literature

Introduction to RTTY

Mr. Hoff was an active radio amateur and a recognized authority in the field of amateur radioteletype. Articles by Mr. Hoff have appeared in leading publications for several years providing major contributions to the technical advancement. and ever. increasing popularity of RTTY.

A Brief Biography of Alan Hobbs, G8GOJ

A Brief Biography of Alan Hobbs, G8GOJ. Alan developed his lifelong passion for electro-mechanical teleprinters at a very early age due to spending much of his school holidays in "Telegraph House", the main factory of Creed & Co at East Croydon, from the early 1950’s to the early 1960’s.


Five-unit codes By Alan G Hobbs, G8GOJ President of British Amateur Radio Teledata Group, (c) 1999.  The purpose of this article is to explain the similarities, and the differences, between the Baudot, Murray and ITA2 codes, and to indicate their relationship to the Radio Amateur.

Teleprinters For The Radio Amateur

Teleprinters for the Radio Amateur byAlan G Hobbs, G8GOJ. There are many different types of mechanical teleprinter which become available on the surplus market from time to time, but we will only concern ourselves with the ones which are most liable to be encountered.

Creed & Co. - The 1st 50 Years

Reprinted from the Spring 1962, Golden Jubilee issue of "Creed News" and later reprinted in BARTG Datacom Summer 1997. Although this outline of Company history dates from 1912 (the year of it'sincorporation under the Companies Act), our story has its beginning around the turn of the century.

The ITT/Creed 444 Teleprinter

ITT Creed Model 444 Teleprinter by Alan G Hobbs, G8GOJ. This is a heavy-duty page-printing teleprinter developed primarily to satisfy British Post Office requirements for a Telex machine to CCITT standards.

Forrest "Bart" Bartlett, W6OWP

A letter from Forrest "Bart" Bartlett, W6OWP to George, W7TTY.
Many amateurs honed their CW skills on the nightly code practice runs from his station. Bart was also a pioneer in the field of RTTY, having been in the News Business since before World War II.

Forrest A.'Bart' Bartlett, W6OWP, SK:

Forrest "Bart" Bartlett, W6OWP, of Paradise, California, died July 3. He was 92. For more than a half-century, W6OWP was the home of the ARRL code practice and West Coast Qualifying Run transmissions.

Elliot S. "Buck" Buchanan, W6VPC

NCARTS dinner ceremony which honored Marbiel and "Buck" W6VPC Buchanan in appreciation of their untiring efforts given in behalf of Amateur Radio Teletype activties in the Greater Bay Area.

A History of theThe Morkrum Company - Charles R. Krum

A brief history of the Morkrum Company, by Howard L. Krum. Mr. Howard L. Krum, son of Mr. Charles L. Krum, a co-founder of the original Morkrum Company. The date of writing seems to have been somewhere between 1925 and 1928.

A Brief History of Teletype Development - R.M. Nelson

The success of the modern teletypewriter began with Howard L. Krum's conception of the start-stop method of synchronization for permutation code telegraph systems. The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief historical account of events which led to that achievement and of those which ensued. Written by R. A. Nelson in 1963.


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