Electronic Projects

Many thanks to Richard Plumb for spending many hours putting together a collection of electronic projects including schematics that otherwise would have been lost through time.

10-Minute Power-On SwitchBar Codes
12v speed control lamp dimmerBar-Graph Voltmeter for your Car
20 Segment Expanded Scale VoltmeterBattery Drain Indicator
4-to-3 Wire Taillight ConversionBattery Monitor
5x5 Audio Switch BoxBattery Operated Florescent Lamp
A Liquid-Level Indicator for the BlindBattery Substituter Has Muscle
A simple CMOS oscillatorBattery Switching Box
A Strobe Flasher For Night CyclingBilge Alarm
Active Low-Pass FilterBlack Jack Foot Stomper
Adding an Output Interface to a Digital TimerBroadcast Qaulity Phono Preamp
Aids for the BlindBucket Brigade Audio Delay
Alcohol TesterBuild an Analog Bar Graph Expanded Scale Voltmeter
Alternator MonitorBurglar Alarm
Audible Logic ProbeCapacitor Match-Maker
Audible Turn SignalCar Battery Charger
Audio Bandpass FilterCar Test Probe
Audio Delay Line Bucket BrigadCasino Royal
Audio Time Delay SystemsCassette Control System
Audio Volume BoosterCharge Indicator
Auto FadeCharge two car batteries at one time
Auto Theft AlarmChase Lights
Auto Trickle ChargerClean Switch
Auto Vibration AlarmClipping Indicator
Automobile Charging CircuitsCode Practice Oscillator
Automobile LocaterCombination Lock
Automotive Audio AlarmCommercial Killer
Automotive Bike Voltage RegulatorComputer-Controlled Note Generator
Automotive EconometerContinuity Tester 1
Automotive Exhaust AnalyzerContinuity Tester 2
Automotive Headlights MinderCrystal Controlled Oscillator
Automotive Test ProbeCrystal Radio
Automotive Voltage RegulatorCrystal Tester
Automotive Voltage RegulatorsCurrent Limiter
 Current Limiting Techniques
 DC-Motor Controller
 DC-to-DC Switching Converter
 Designing with Digital IC's
 Digital Automotive Tune-Up Meter
 Digital IC Tester
 Digital Logic Trainer
 Digital Thermometer
 Diode Switching Circuits
 Diode Thermometer
 Direction Indicator
 Divider Decider
 DMM Tachometer
 Doubled-Up Bargraph Display



Copyright by Bill Bytheway, K7TTY February 2012