Windows 95 Utilities

SMTP/POP MCOACH10.ZIP Mailcoach is a SMTP/POP3 server. This means that it can receive and deliver mail via LAN, to and from clients that are using a standard Internet mail software. With certain intervals, Mailcoach transfers outgoing mail to a Internet Service Provider (ISP) using the Unix to unix copy protocol (UUCP). When all mail has been transferred, it receives any waiting mail from the ISP.
SMTP/POP MD11H32S.ZIP This program provides an: SMTP/POP3 Daemon 32-bit, which claims to be feature loaded.It is considered shareware and is distributed by
JNOS Packet Driver NDIS3PKT.ZIP Ndis3pkt.386 is a Windows VxD (Virtual Device) which provides a packet driver interface on top of NDIS version 3.0 or 3.1. It allows packet driver applications to be used under WfWG 3.11 and Windows95 without loading any real-mode software components. Ndis3pkt performs all the VM (virtual machine) switching required to insure that the correct application receives packet upcalls, i.e., it includes the functionality of winpkt. (The WINPKT signature is also provided for applications which check specifically.) In addition, ndis3pkt is willing to deliver the same packet type (and even the same packet) to multiple clients in multiple VMs.

NOTE: K7TTY has been using a this driver on my Windows95 machine with DOS JNOS and it works great. Note that this version is a demo version, and for a nominal fee you can get it from the author.
Web Server ZBSPRO.ZIP Thanks for choosing ZBServer as your Web server choice. We feel that you have made a good one, and better yet, you will too! ZBServer, whether your product is the Personal or Professional Edition, is easy to configure, use and maintain. ZBServer can help you be productive and innovative over your network whether you are at home, in your office or in your business enterprise.
Windows 95 Resource Tool Kit Released by Microsoft, this toolkit contains many utilities you may find useful.
Windows 95 System Check Utility W95CHECK.EXE is a free utility that will perform a basic test of hardware and software compatibility for customers considering upgrading their system to Windows 95. It is not intended as an all-inclusive diagnostic check for every known hardware and software compatibility issue with Windows 95. Instead, this utility is designed to answer the most frequently asked technical questions you may have prior to upgrading to Windows 95.
Spectrogram Freeware dual channel audio spectrum analyzer for Windows 95/98/NT which can provide either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display in real time for any sound source connected to your sound card. You download a local copy from this site as well.
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