Windows 3.1x Utilities

Some of the files end with a ".ARJ". This is a different file compression used by the originator of these archives. If you are wondering what to do with an ARJ file, here is the extractor for ARJ . This is a packet driver that assume that you have Windows For Workgroups version 3.11, an ethernet card, and that you have installed WFWG 3.11 with NDIS drivers for your ethernet card. If this is not the case with your system, this document will be of little help to you.
  1. Trumpet Winsock
  2. eudor143.exe Eudora Mail for Windows
  3. WS_FTP ftp client
  4. Netscape Web Browser
  5. Ewan telnet client
  6. WinVn News Reader
  7. elogin.cmd Login script for Trumpet Winsock
  8. elogoff.cmd Logout script fot Trumpet Winsock This is Trumpet Winsock TCP/IP *only* for Windows for Workgroups 3.11. If you are already running the MS TCP/IP-32 for Windows(TM) for Workgroups 3.11 (found at in \peropsys\wfw\tcpip\vxdbeta) you might question your sanity. You'll have to remove that first. If you want to do SLIP, this isn't for you either. The Trumpet Winsock is a Windows Sockets 1.1 compatible TCP/IP stack which provides a standard networking layer for many Windows(tm) networking applications to use, and has itself been a major vehicle in achieving widespread use of Windows Sockets 1.1. The product is a shareware item and as such, you are permitted to evaluate it for a period of 30 days. WinTalk allows Windows users who have the WINSOCK DLL installed on their system to participate in real-time conversations with remote users, using the popular Unix "ntalk" (and its older cousin, "talk") protocol. The program acts as both a talk client and server, responding to remote talk requests with a pop-up "ring" dialog, an auditory ring, or both. This is an NNTP newsreader for Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows/NT. You can use it to read and post Usenet News, and send email (via SMTP or MAPI) Wincode is a Windows 3.1 program which converts 8-bit BINARY (EXE,COM, GIF,etc) files to 7-bit ASCII (Text) files (and vice versa) through a process known as uucoding. This BINARY/ASCII conversion allows you to send and receive binary files via e-mail or any other ascii-based communications system. Trumpet for Windows is a Network News Reader for Microsoft Windows (tm) that uses the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) to link into the Usenet news system. Usenet is a distributed computerized news system and is a part of a network consisting of thousands of interconnected computer system.
wwwpcnfs.arj This is he PC-NFS version of the WorldWideWeb LineMode browser. It was compiled with Microsoft C v5.1 compiler and the Sun PC-NFS toolkit library. Testing was done under MSDOS 5.0 and Sun PC-NFS v3.5c.
wsock1b2.arj NCSA Sockets for Microsoft Windows version 1.0 BETA 2 isthe second beta release of NCSA Sockets for Microsoft Windows. This WINSOCK.DLL is NOT compliant with the Microsoft Windows WinSock API!!!! Enough functionality is implemented to run our software, and we follow the Microsoft API, but we have not implemented the entire API, or even close to it.
wnqvt465.arj WinQVT is a DEC VT220/102/52 terminal emulator and communications program which has been created to run under Microsoft Windows as a true 'Windows' application. WinQVT provides exceptionally complete VT emulation, including double-wide and double-high characters, the full 'Special Graphics' character set, smooth scrolling, 132 columns, and user-defined keys.

In addition to terminal emulation, WinQVT offers file transfer facilities using five popular protocols - Kermit, XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, and CompuServe B-Plus, as well as auto-dial and auto-login capabilities. Since WinQVT is a Windows application, these operations, once started, may be sent to the background, thereby permitting the use of the machine for other tasks.
wmail101.arj WinMail is a Windows mail reader. Cinetic systems is proud to announce the first release of WinMail. After reading all this mail about everyone wanting to read their UUCP mail from within Windows in UUPC mailing list ( it came to me that I could do a mail reader for Windows 3.0. Well, here it!!! Winmail has only been tested so far with UUPC/extended version 1.09 to 1.11f. I know it probably won't work with other UUCP packages because of differences in parameter passed to the mailer.
winvn.arj This program is a visual Usenet news reader for Microsoft Windows. It bears a vague similarity to the Unix program "vn"; hence the name WinVN. WinVN is an own-time project and should not be considered an official product of anyone but myself. However, I am making the source and binary freely available to anyone who wants them.
wintelb3.arj NCSA Telnet for MS Windows (unsupported beta 3).
winpkt.arj Source code for the popular winpkt driver, contains a bunch of "asm" files. Winpkt provides a Packet Driver interface between Windows 3 Enhanced mode applications and a real Packet Driver. This attempts to solve the problem of Windows moving applications around in memory willy nilly. Install WINPKT after the Packet Driver but before starting Windows.
winapps.arj Collection of Windows 3.x Winsock applications, ftpw, telw, winchat, view, pingw, hopchkw, and winarch.
win100.arj A version of Kermit for Microsoft Windows 3.0 has been made available for distribution by Columbia University. The complete package contains a Windows program along with documentation, fonts, and complete sources. The basic program, WIN100, contains a substantial emulation of DEC VT100 and VT52 terminals and a version of Kermit with enough features to perform reliable file transfer as well as act as a client to a Kermit server.
nscape09.arj One of the first versions of Netscape 0.09 BETA, pre FRAMES and JAVA. Very basic.
ipwin.arj InfoPop/Windows 1.0 (c) 1993, GMUtant Software is a Windows 3.1 help database for the Internet. If you are already familiar with the DOS-based version of InfoPop, you'll recognize most of the information contained here. This is a port of the DOS-based InfoPop database to Windows--with a few new entries added. To all the DOS InfoPop users who asked for a Windows version, this is it...turns out it made more sense to use Window's excellent hypertext help engine, and thanks to L. David Baldwin's excellent freeware package RTFGEN, it wasn't too hard to move the data over to a Rich Text Format (RTF) file (which the Windows help compiler requires).
inetcon1.arj This software provides features to serve both as a development tool as well as a networking software platform. Whether you are a professional developer seeking a Windows(TM) network development tool; or a user requiring a fast, robust networking package to run Window Socket applications, or a Value-Added-Reseller seeking a sofware utility to add networking capability to existing applications, this product is for you.
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