Satellite Contact Report Analysis & Prediction

SCRAP 3-D Satellite Display and Analysis Tool - A Windows based 3-D tool used for tracking over 2000 satellites and producing reports.  It performs contact reporting, analysis and prediction.

SCRAP was developed in the USA specifically for Ham Radio use and not approved for business or commercial applications.

Snapshot of the SCRAP software, OpenGL Earth view and TLE editor page

SCRAP was first featured in the AMSAT Journal Nov-Dec 2003 and again in Jan-Feb 2006 . AMSAT is not longer distributing SCRAP.

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Stacked pair of HAL ST-6 Terminal Units

Terminal Units - collection of schematics and technical information from older terminal units built from scratch, kits or other manufacturers that are no longer supported.

Alltronics Molel-A (1955)W5HFZ-W5RJG RTTY Converter (1955)

Mainline TT/L FSK Demodulator (1964)Mainline ST-3

DT-500 and DT-600 Demodulator made by DATA TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES, INC (1977)Mainline ST-6 Demodulator (1970)

Mainline UT-2 Demodulator (1975)Basic first release ST-5 (1970)

Updated ST-5 (1973)Frederick Electronics 1632 Demododulator (1976)

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The Official Bytheway Software Development (BSDL) Library - A collection of other RTTY tools developed from the BSDL.

K7TTY Source Code Ancient Archives - Collection of software specifically written for RTTY and the BAUDOT code.

Windows 3.1 TCP/IP Utilities - A collection of Windows 3.1 TCP/IP utilities.

Windows 95 TCP/IP Utilities - A collection of Windows 95TCP/IP utilities.


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All products, software and source code developed by and distributed on this site are Copyright (2024) by Bill Bytheway, K7TTY. Written authorization must be received prior to commercial distribution.

Radio Teletype
( RTTY )

RTTYApp Broadcast Software -- Brief introduction to this software application's with links to the evolution over the last decade.

RTTY Historical Archives - Collection of historical articles and documents from the K7TTY Archives.

Model 28 XASR Teletype used during the cold war. This unit contains two typing units with an under-dome reperforator in an ASR-style cabinet.Model 15 KSR Teletype

Teletype Machines - technical (electrical and mechanical) data on a variety of teletype machines like the Model 19, Model 28 and Model 14.

Model 14 ReperforatorsModel 15 KSR

Model 19 Teletypewriter SetModel 28 KSR

Model 28 ASRModel 28 Extended ASR

Tactical Teletypewriter Set (MITE)Model 32




Internet Teletype
( ITTY )

Internet Teletype - ITTY stands for Internet Teletype. With today's streaming audio over the Internet, George, W7TTY has come up with a scheme that allows him to broadcast teletype news over the Internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Copy any of the three independent news feed teletype signals from the internet using your PC.

W7TTY is broadcasting teletype news over the Internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Picture showing the RTTYMailer software and the quick send editor used for uploading software to the Internet Teletype broadcast service provided by

With the RTTYMailer you can participate in this exciting ability to bring back radio teletype to your home using basic computer tools and FREE software.

Download RTTYMailer

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Electronic Project Archive - A collection of 100's of simple to build electronic projects including schematics.

RTTY Art Historical Archives - In the 1970's several talented folks created pictures using nothing more than a mechanical teletype machine and punched pager tape.  This site supports a JAVA-applet based viewer that lets you view hundreds of these pictures on your PC.